• "Foundations" - with HCMA Arcitecture + Design

    “Foundations” - mural project in collaboration with Scott Sueme, sponsored by HCMA, Tilt World Curiosity Labs, and Royal Bay Secondary School, August 2015.

    Our approach to the project was to highlight our backgrounds in abstract painting to create a piece that is representational while keeping a bold youthful energy. The design was inspired by the architecture of the building, complimenting its linear forms, while creating contrast with organic pattern making. The image is made up of four structural tiers, one built on top of the other to create a whole. Each tier is its own unique pattern and colour narrative. The lowest level portrays the colours found in Emily Carr’s painting “Above the Gravel Pit”, and the rich natural surroundings to the school. The second depicts the school’s strong modern colours as a foundation on top of the existing landscape. Third, the school’s raven and home colours are represented in a more uniform pattern. Finally, the top tier is a return to a natural influence resembling the Pacific Northwest sky. The four tiers combine elements of the location’s past, present, and future into a singular design, also functioning as a visual anchor within the school. Given its unique location with multiple perspectives points, the work invokes a visual response based on the vantage point from where it is viewed. The project overall ties together an artistic approach to colour, design, and functionality to embody the community of Royal Bay Secondary School.

  • "Connections" - with HCMA Arcitecture + Design

    “Connections” – mural project in collaboration with Scott Sueme, as part of HCMA’s Artists in Residence Program, May 2015

    Working with ‘Connections’ as a key concept, the design features a colourful set of interlocking and connecting shapes. The geometry is designed to lead the eye from one object to the next, illustrating their connection to each other and as a whole. The shapes attribute this quality without a linear pattern, or repetition of a uniform shape. The design walks the line between graffiti and modern art, featuring two areas of interest with textures cropped within large shapes. One representing a street and city space, using weathering and graffiti painting techniques, the other represents a green space, featuring full foliage and leaves referenced from trees around the Vancouver area. The idea is to illustrate these two colour spaces in contrast with each other, but also balanced and connected as part of a bigger picture. As a result, the piece pays a tribute to the landscape of Vancouver and our connection with nature as city dwellers.

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