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STATE OF MIND - Solo Exhibition June 2019

Unpacking the mental architecture of creativity.

STATE OF MIND analyzes components of creativity’s mental architecture by building one or more visual narratives in each piece. Shown together this set of abstract, naive realist, landscape, and installation works tell a non-linear story of progress and regression, doubt and triumph, past and present.  


The series of paintings balance mediums, including a selection of acrylics, oils, pastel, aerosol, oil stick, and thread. The installation titled “Creation” is made of (but not limited to) recycled furniture, sheets of canvas, real and fake plants. The tables and plants hanging from the ceiling create a mirror image with the floor installation. Continuity in the series is created by linking content and colour between the painted works and the installation. Tension between the nearly touching elements is an homage to the composition of Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” and represents the relationship between reality and the imagination. The series as a whole enlists the viewer to interrogate their own relationship with creativity. 

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